Word of mouth marketing 5 ways to let consumers become your spokesperson


either online or offline, it is equally important to the loyalty of consumers reputation spread to the surrounding people actively, this spread is also one of the potential consumers into the final consumer powerful tool. We must keep in mind is that consumer behavior is a kind of emotional selection process, loyal consumers will have a good understanding of brand products, and therefore, loyal consumers will have a strong adhesive to the brand, and they will positively affect people’s purchasing decisions surrounding. So, imagine, if they are used as brand advocates, led the people around them, so word-of-mouth marketing enterprise is at the top of the tree.

so how to make your customers into a member of the brand marketing, brand spokesmen? The following 5 methods can be a try.

1 promote online word of mouth publicity

no consumers will really care about your product itself, they are more concerned about the value of the product can be provided, what problems can be solved. That’s why companies need to do a little bit of publicity, and only in this way can you convey the most important information to consumers: "our products can help you solve the problem you want to solve. Look, it’s that simple".

so, don’t just use some of the big names, the spotlight will be focused on the product itself, try to speak with loyal consumers, the focus of publicity gathered in their experience of positive feedback on the product, so the effect will be surprisingly. Because people are more willing to believe the feelings of ordinary people, I believe that the recommendation of friends and family around, there is nothing more close to life than the endorsement of the popular. This is undoubtedly a huge benefit for small and medium enterprises, have loyal customers is the best spokesperson, you don’t have to pay a huge sum of the star endorsement fee, you can easily earn a very high popularity.

: for example, the Chevron Co interviewed an ordinary man who had a lot of enthusiasm and interest in Chevrolet, and then they sent the video to the participants and asked him what he did for Chevrolet. An ordinary man is so seriously, is naturally very excited, and he spontaneously put the video into a different social platform, playing a short amount to more than 12000 times, less than a month, he has accumulated a lot of fame in the automotive enthusiast circles, as can be imagined this snow car image publicity Fran how much.

2 training brand loyal user

Internet era, the concept of "customer is God" increasingly highlights its value. According to the survey, the factors that influence the purchasing behavior of potential customers, the proportion of positive brand evaluation is as high as 90%. In order to achieve the best propagation effects, as much as possible to reach more customers, social media is a natural choice. Whether it’s a big company or a small business, social media makes it easier for you to spread your brand. Micro-blog

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