The lower the price the better

we have been working in the software industry for more than and 10 years, and we often run into customers to buy other software or buy software from other businesses. Of course, this situation is not free to provide services, it is because many customers find us, and left to find a free service businesses. We also learned that most of these customers are super cheap to buy software. Software and other products are the same, the same product, the lower the price the better? Here we explore:

buy cheap service

it is enterprise management software or Invoicing software, which has a fixed cost, especially for software agents, each set of genuine software has a cost price. Any businesses and manufacturers need to profit it, there is no support for the profits, it is impossible to complete the continuous after-sales service, the truth you know. Therefore, the small and micro enterprises purchase management software, not necessarily the same product, the price is as low as possible, because the price of the software itself by software and software services is composed of two parts, if you keep prices at the expense of customer service service cost, the real trouble started! You know, when a set of software in front of you and you can’t use, more expensive software for you is not worth a hair.

low priced goods for the purchase of

Chinese people love free stuff, awareness of copyright of software piracy in the industry is not strong, Chinese is the market, do not underestimate a pirated disc 5 yuan 10 yuan, but the large amount of really scary, pirates have made a bold. The small and medium-sized enterprise management software, natural and ultimately piracy, and not only the computer city to sell, now even the Internet can easily download, or free! Dear small business owners, if you buy pirated software or download pirated software consulting to others or seek to use the service, do not blame each other "black heart" just need to pay service. Piracy itself is "unclear", who would dare to give you protection?.


moderate price the most appropriate

In fact,

, small and medium enterprises to buy software, moderate price is the best, the purchase price is too high to let people earn more, at the expense of enterprises; the purchase price is too low, there is no service, or the expense of enterprises. We have been engaged in small and medium-sized enterprise software sales for more than and 10 years, from our experience, a moderate price is the best, although not earn, but the software businesses are willing to in this price range, to provide adequate customer service support service. Therefore, small business owners do not buy the software to buy low prices, which is not much benefit to the enterprise itself.

any software has been put into service

in life, we have been accustomed to the maintenance of mobile phones need to spend money, find someone to install an operating system needs to spend money, people need to spend money cleaning printers, of course, to find someone to go to the toilet is to spend money

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