Zhang Guanren original version of enterprise network promotion plan A

own design of the enterprise network promotion project book is now released

wrote two months ago when he was in the company, mainly for the boss.

spent a day writing, writing is also in a hurry, a lot of * * * things, the master can be seen after laugh, don’t make fun of.

I was

for SEO and other things layman. Only those people who used to cheat more layman. Ha ha

note: This article is part of the information from the network

it’s 14 pages together, and it’s a little bit of work. I see it a shot.


brothers feel useful, after another, is also in support of


http://s.srsoo.com/ enterprise network promotion plan book.Rar

outdated starter: http://s.im286.com/thread-2295999-1-1.html

is as follows:

company name

network push a wide range of books

BY Zhang Da Guanren 2007.12.12


The importance of

1 network promotion ——————————————3

2 network to promote a variety of ways —————————————-3

3 website and search engine ————————————–4

Introduction of

4 mainstream search engine —————————————-4

5 Web site for search engine optimization ———————————–7

6 product keywords analysis Baidu ———————————–8

7 how to equip the company website ——————————————13

8 how to make better use of Baidu —————————————-14

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