What is network marketing e mail marketing


e-mail marketing is a direct way to use e-mail to communicate with target users. At the same time in the field of network marketing in email marketing is one of the oldest, it can be said that the current network most of the website promotion, network marketing is the younger generation.


what is email marketing


e-mail marketing is the premise of the user in advance, through e-mail to the target user delivery of valuable information. There are three basic factors which are not available to the user, such as the user’s permission, the e-mail transfer information, and the information.

The difference between

licensed and non licensed

permission mail is to allow you to the other side, you can send mail to each other. For example, member registration, the use of e-mail on your site registered as a member of you, this situation can be judged as a user license.

is not allowed to send mail without permission of the other party. If we collect or buy e-mail address on the Internet, it will be sent directly to the other side of the mail, this is the case of non permissive mail, it can be said to send spam.

to do the mail marketing mail you send the user will not be disgusted, very happy to receive your mail, and participate in your e-mail activities. If it is a non – licensed message, the user receives your message more than the offensive, direct pull into the blacklist or delete.

e-mail marketing features

low cost

e-mail marketing is a low cost, efficient way of marketing, the cost is to pay the cost of delivery platform, the cost is much lower than traditional advertising.

simple operation

use a simple mail platform, the operation does not require sophisticated computer knowledge, do not need complex operation process, one day can send hundreds of thousands of addresses.

precision marketing

e-mail has a directional, can be sent to a specific group of marketing e-mail. Can be classified according to industry, region, gender, and then send mail to target users.

what we know at present, the common e-mail marketing is the non license mail, online purchase or acquisition of the address, then send. We all complain about why email marketing is ineffective or too costly. In fact, these are we do not have the right face of e-mail marketing, should be the correct implementation of the license mail, respect for the user experience.

in the next few posts to share the right to operate the e-mail marketing, the details of the e-mail address collection, how to make mail, send, analysis reports, etc..

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