Website construction and promotion of the general steps

now the construction site is a thing very hard, not to say that there is an idea can be immediately implemented, to conclude, generally go through the following steps:
1, website planning, the need to provide services and what kind of function, and prepare the channels and columns are divided into
2 website the contents, which need to provide an electronic version, which need to provide pictures and video content, basically ready to closely rely on the existing plan to collect and collate. 3, the program design, can also according to the actual situation, if the site anxious released on-line, but also for the individual and not too strong requirement, may be the construction site using mature system, half the time it can be issued a very mature website, this website type can download data, information is: the information and forum etc..
4, domain name and space provider screening, domain name must remember, when necessary, you can go to the domain name China, Taobao and other trading platform Amoy a very good.
space choice must be stable, do not covet cheap, so as not to cause the website visits a slightly increased, frequent downtime. My suggestion is that the content is not too much, the amount of access is not too fierce, then to rent space to do, and so later bigger, the initial maintenance of their own servers too tired, but there will be too many security issues.
5, SEO Optimization Website, as of 2006 the site has about 700000, how talent shows itself in these sites is a big issue, so we must make the optimization of SEO, from the channel and column, each site elements, and the site map are considered, the only way. Promotion of the first step of the
6, the site is to each big search engine login and submit, if the energy is limited, at least have to submit: Google, Baidu, Yahoo, such as free and the effects are good, but there may be up to a month before the successful login.
7, followed by the promotion of the application is to maximize and exchange links, go to some of the more classified website login, the good news is that it is free, and can accumulate to a good PR and exposure opportunities. I recently took the construction of Beijing Cheng and oral website ( for example, the line is two and a half months, Google PR currently has 3, also welcomed the various health related or complementary sites to exchange links with us.
now thought so much, we exchange a lot.

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