Palm reading into Xiangjun Entrepreneurship must find the differences or you can’t live

news December 14th, sponsored by the title of the 2016 Magic Horse Mobi venture entrepreneurs horse Community Conference held today in beijing. Palm reading into the founder of the award-winning ten entrepreneurs of the year, and delivered a speech speed.

Cheng Xiangjun winning reason: he pioneered the micro charge e-book sales model, the first to achieve profitability. He is keen to seize the mobile reading bonus, the rapid accumulation of 600 million users, the current daily live users up to 20 million. While reading the layout of the ecological chain layout, he is leading the company sprint A shares motherboard.

The following is the speech

I horse edited excerpt:


host gave me the theme of the lecture is "to help you through the difficulties". I just a few days ago, just also in this position, said the entrepreneur’s competitiveness". I think that is the palm read more than 8 years, may be the most effective, but also to help the biggest move, but today I tell a detail.

this time to see more frequently, many headlines in the media are saying that the content of the spring to pay. Now spring is coming, but read the contents of the palm paid to do 8 years. 8 years ago, we started to pay for content. At first, palm reading as a tool, 8 years ago, this tool has almost 10 million users, distributed in the world’s more than and 80 countries. However, it is difficult to make money, we want to provide a little more services, so we want to do content.

but we have a choice to do content, you choose to do the principle of safe haven, do piracy, do free advertising. Or do you have to do the genuine, pay to do it because our corporate culture does not allow us to choose the first one, so we chose the second. However, when the second in 8 years ago is not content to pay, and pay a high threshold, WeChat did not pay, there is no Alipay, the only bank payment.

so when we first tried, the user lost 95%. Second days after the test, we will discuss several founders together, how can we go? Go so sure a dead end, because 95% of users do not come.

we are the easiest choice, is to continue free, take refuge in the principle of advertising, advertising, you can make yourself live very comfortable, but we think there is no future. So, we are determined to take the second road. The second way, you have to pay, while others are free, you have to be differentiated, so we desperately looking for a variety of differences. For example, can make typos less, can let the resolution is clear, can make a good layout.

ran like this for 8 years, we have done a lot of innovation in a small reading, more than 100. The simulation we can see today’s iBook page, not the first to do, but the palm reading first. We see the eye on the apple, not the first apple to do, palm reading than he did two years earlier. And the domestic mobile phone VIVO, OPPO these are in the palm of the eye care technology. You see the layout >

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