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I do not know when, at the lower right corner of the screen has been used to date we have forgotten the hanging in that corner of the laohuangli, imperceptibly, the dream has been removed from the Internet webmaster circle for 3 years, some Internet Celebrities continue to recognize 3 years of continuous learning, network marketing, search engine optimization, network marketing planning etc. the accumulation of knowledge, in 3 years, more or less have a lot of feelings and sorrow. At the same time, we also see the difficulty of the new entry webmaster and the confusion.

as usual, whether it is business or personal problems to consulting Xiao, is the basic and enterprise portal, circle marketing related, so the dream began to write a series of articles on enterprise marketing. This article is to clarify all the people in the enterprise network marketing misunderstanding and marketing focus on different writing. Well, please look carefully, I believe that everyone will be harvested.

network marketing, contains a lot of important ideas on the inside; offline marketing, marketing also includes from market analysis, to the promotion of investment; however, the e-commerce also have marketing means, from the analysis of the network population, to promote the implementation of the network also have some details, such as take the promotion, a lot of people talked about search engine optimization, network promotion methods of PPC and so on. But these methods are only a small part of the network marketing.

now more and more enterprises begin to enter the era of e-commerce, network marketing has also begun to enter into a more important part of enterprise decision-making. So duguxiaomeng also will start from here to explain the enterprise network marketing planning drops.

in the marketing strategy, and e-commerce in the enterprise’s development strategy, the network marketing success, technical level is not ultimately depends on the network marketing executive, but depends on the emphasis of the network marketing and the implementation effect is good or bad; now in the process of enterprise development, whether it is a traditional industry or advanced industry, will slowly began to contact the Internet this one, make enterprise into electronic world to realize the electronic commerce is a kind of trend of future. When the future development of enterprises, will increasingly feel that the network marketing is inseparable from the enterprise. Thus, the enterprise network marketing decision began to occupy a proportion of enterprise decision-making.

enterprise network marketing, just like the line of marketing, there is money, there are human resources, there is execution…… So in the entire enterprise network marketing funds, manpower, resources are to be considered. A complete enterprise network marketing planning, will also include these things. This is the future of the enterprise in the network marketing is very important.

first, do not have no plans and marketing methods to expand the network marketing staff

or take examples to explain, there have been companies to help me analyze the overall strategy of its network marketing, public Q

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