WeChat public number fans from 1 to 5000 how come

today at the end of the phone to log on to the public security assistant number, suddenly found that my WeChat public number has 5000 fans. Some people may say, ah, 5000 fans a lot ah. In fact, this has gone through a very long process, I will share with you how my WeChat public number fans from 1 to 5000.

opened in 2014, WeChat public number

I was in 2014 on the opening of the WeChat public number, this time is not very sure, can only be said to be an approximate time. At first, I do not understand some of the features of the WeChat public number, do not know what to do after registration, but to see a lot of people have begun to register.

at that time, I set up an independent blog, I think with the independent blog, send an article every day, the equivalent of a marketing channel, so I registered my public number, name is my real name, because I was thinking, like independent blog, using the real name system, is conducive to the promotion own brand.

later, I opened the subscription subscription, and then put the WeChat public number as a platform for paying subscribers. Because I paid subscribers alone into a group inside, I wrote the article every day only to pay the user.

in this way, the first fan is actually my paid subscribers, and I from July 2014 to April 2015, nearly 9 months time, my public number fans but only about 1000 fans.

why do fans grow so slowly?

is mainly because I push the article is not open, the article only pushed to subscribers, other users can not see, the amount of reading this article overall will not be too high, the share is also not a lot.

and a lot of attention to the user after a period of concern, found that the public number does not push the article, so some fans on the cancellation of the attention. During this period, pay attention to reach about 700, of course, there are a part of the paid users do not pay attention to my public number, because they are not directed at the article.

so some people may ask, these 1000 fans, in the end is how to come? In fact, this is due to the time I was in some of the flow of large space jump, such as to understand the diary of the following comments. There is a time to hold some of the brothers YY share, I have to participate in.

is also an interview with all the interviews with me, although I was basically stay QQ, but they pay to become my users later, I will ask them to pay attention to my WeChat public number.

so, these 1000 bottom fans are here.


2015 in April, the article was pushed to open

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