How to do web site content in network marketing

customers browse the corporate Web site, from the selection of products to the final purchase, this process is the process of Web site to convince customers, the main form is to provide a rich and convincing content implementation. As the saying goes: seeing is believing, so is on the network, a figure will have the truth, some enterprises through the website of the pictures show the product appearance, color, design, some of it is in the form of video playback features, so that customers more fully understand the products. But only the picture is not enough, the necessary text description indispensable. The pictures give customers intuitive visual impression, but more impressed by the customer is wonderful words, because the customer understand the product through the picture, also need through the text reading to deepen understanding, to achieve the transaction by touching the text.


website content is so important, so how to increase website content attraction? In addition to a deep understanding of the product or service, also must study psychology, to understand the customer’s psychology, customers want to know what needs to make better use of words, to convince potential customers. Good text content can even achieve the effect of hypnosis on the user, so as to achieve the transaction. So how to edit the content of the website, mainly through the following eight aspects:

one, trust their products

if you want to convince others, you have to convince yourself. If you want to write good content, you must have confidence in the products and services, I believe that their products are the best, is the most suitable for customers, only to do this, the text was written more convincing. Only sincere trust and enthusiasm into the text content, the user will feel your enthusiasm. In the process of reading, the product has a sense of trust and purchase desire, which can effectively improve the turnover rate.

two, have a good title

title is the most important content of the text. The role of the title is: to attract attention; simply convey a complete information; guide users to see the contents of the article. Internet users are busy, they hope to find interesting content in the shortest time, if not in a few seconds to convince users to stay, the user might be losing, how to attract customers through a few seconds, the most direct and most effective is attractive for the title. Customers are likely to stay to read the contents of the article.

three, use simple and vivid words


content of the preparation to try to use a positive psychological effect of words (in the content as far as possible into these were short and pleasant mood induce positive words), avoid the negative psychological effect of vocabulary. As far as possible the use of professional vocabulary, because the customer is at all levels, the knowledge is not the same, to write the text can be easily understood.

four, use clear and concise format

user browsing speed, otherwise it will allow users to not a long and minute statement, feel very tired, and feeling, the best two or three sentences section, try to use small title. Web content bar

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