Three elements of network marketing

a mention not to mention the conditions, in this society there is no speed will be what kind of situation, I do not think you should explain than I understand. There is no speed to work late, no speed customers run away, no speed squid copy. In real life, all that we only have a superior speed, you can survive. Do marketing on the network, the speed is the customer, speed is money.

      there are others who dare to say than I am I can still get The early bird catches the last order (unless there is no other components of "work", this is not the "honest business people" to discuss). The market is in the competition in the development process, in the marketing process, there is no speed for you. An order or a letter of resignation. I think you know better than I do. How to make their own network marketing stand head and shoulders above others. Through the publication of online advertising and other publicity can be done.

      now the network is a piece of information by an integrated block, only to find the right path, any way can lead to success, but the time spent is not the same, it depends on how you choose. For example, in the choice of online advertising service providers, you will pay attention to the price or brand. With cheap prices, the effect may not be obvious; with a resounding brand, may be tight on hand. But if I were you, I would choose the latter, although it would cost more than the former, but behind the expense of a huge speed advantage, you run in front of others, which means that you get more opportunities. I still have to remind you of this brand, overhead sometimes not all the people can afford, investors need to do, after all, who are reluctant to do business at a loss.

* targeted    

      with the speed of the next targeted publicity. For example, some people joked that marketing from women and children. Learn to target them because they are more likely to contribute to the marketing potential of the consumer group. Is this really the case? Women and children’s money is really the best money?

      to be honest, women are the world’s most fastidious animals, and their money needs you to be careful and well targeted to prepare for it. Now the rise of female consciousness, a lot of products vigorously advocated, "women are made of water, to protect them like water," "women should love themselves". However, the fact is that women are extremely hard to please. They are very careful, very particular about feeling, shopping is a great need for trust. Office ladies can not find a place you can shopping. What they ask is what you have for them, whether they meet the emotional side. And now the proportion of women on the Internet has begun to catch up with men, some people have done a survey in Taiwan, women’s online time is a male

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