How to innovate the content of QQ space marketing

QQ space in the content is to have bright, others can read your space after the harvest, will pay attention to you, or entertain.

is now a lot of people, from the media, the original forced forced owners, Taobao owners, business owners, and so began to write the log, it seems that the marketing of the people log Carnival season. It’s easy to write a journal, but it’s not easy to write well.

so how can QQ space content stand out from the crowd?

recently I saw a lot of people in the QQ space, as long as the excellent, large flow of space, have their own innovation. Everyone is chasing them, just like a drama, the truth is that we can see the new value.

serious attitude can not bring long-term concern, there must be innovative, such as the ability to show new skills, can show the new letter, can promote new ideas, can show the dark side of human nature. It’s not easy to do this, it takes a lot of effort.

I found a good log space to write, there are several innovative points:

a, micro innovation.

for a good idea, good ideas can continue to improve it. Ideological point of view is also with the passage of time, the need to continue to complement, continue to improve in order to adapt to the new situation, through the appropriate extension, expand the connotation, supplement materials, etc..

many of the new ideas and ideas are based on the old idea of the gradual development of the. A small step forward on the basis of the original may be insignificant, but after a long period of accumulation, things can also be a major change, or even subversive reconstruction. The development of things is a qualitative change from quantitative change to a process.

so we do not look down on those small improvements, you can look at the surrounding things, how to say that there is not even a clue, a little out of thin air, this situation is rare.

so the power of micro innovation is also a great thing. Daily log is not necessarily with others than, as long as the original point of view than their progress, is valuable, if you continue to extend may have a new idea, do not look down on yourself.

everyone is unique, others can not get through the road, you may be able to get through, others can not do, you may be able to do. Don’t be afraid of people laughing at your ideas childish, do not have to pay attention to, and then simple improvements have value, continue to do, your world, laugh at your people will not understand, understand you, will only encourage you. I believe that micro innovation, days and months multiplying power.

two, to chat with others

I think this is a good way, and I often take this approach.

if a problem, let yourself think, may go into a cul de sac, no idea, want to break the head can not think of a good point

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