Your Taobao shop why no flow

prompted me to write this article is just a member of our group is selling furniture, he opened a shop in Taobao, he also has a website, the flow of the site is not clear to me. Let me take a look at his shop. He said his shop no flow, do not know how to promote. Well, today, I’ll give you some ideas. You can also according to their own ideas, to look at their own website or Taobao shop why no flow and customer! We look at the analysis of the Taobao shop no flow no customer!

to do the basic work

I said here is the basic work of Taobao shop decoration. For businesses, even if their own stores are not decoration, you want to store your people how to see you? What do you believe? Just like a physical store, you buy something in the shop, a look at your store tattered, like a few years like I did not open. Most estimates at your window turned away, unless he must buy things in your store, or other places do not have to buy


store decoration is good, you have to put their goods to package it, simply upload a few photos of products on it??? Is clearly not enough, here you have to consider the shop’s products are required by some professional Taobao products to your art decoration, if not every day you the introduction of new products, can get a part-time Taobao art, put all your product pictures to the processing, you must believe that, after the processing of the PS product pictures than you no frills product seems to be a lot of beautiful



do Taobao SEO

if you have some of the optimization of Baidu search engine, then you should put their own shops to optimize, of course, with other search engines, the most important should be the title. I will not look at your competitors! If you do not, then you as a customer, if I am a customer, I want to buy this product, I should go to search how. If I want to buy an office chair. Then I will go to Taobao search office stool. Then look at some of the shops in the rankings, such as some of the Tmall mall, but certainly not Tmall mall. Then put the top of the rankings to the analysis of several ordinary shops to see how their title is written. What is their content description. How are the pictures of his products processed, how they are trading and how they evaluate. Now 360 search engines can already be found in the Taobao store.

if you are doing the Taobao business, while it should have optimized their own shops, at any time, is the first to get information of the first action, will benefit! I haven’t done the Taobao, but the idea is the same, are thinking about how to flow, how to transfer so fine! Should study rival


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