2006 network Yearbook Ten push hands one

online are leading the trend change of the Reds, two or three months, they began to rely on behind the planning of Bo, as Zhang Yu said "I was behind the man (Song Zude)". Network in the end how much should be included in the planning and speculation, the views of the parties are not.

(1) wave elder brother

(network push the first person)

held the Red Fairy characters: MM,

is real

read: Internet marketer wave brother exposes launch fairy sister story behind

is real: a star network overtly


2000, the wave brother were removed from the major Chinese website, published his landscape photographs taken at the time of travel.

wave brother had is a postgraduate student of National Defense University, after graduating from the army, after the war, moved to Switzerland in 1990, engaged in import and export trade. Every year, he returned home to live for one or two months, visiting relatives and tourism.

2005 in August 6th, he drove to Sichuan ABA county tourism, water carriage, he went to a farm road home by water, accidentally, he saw sitting in front of the side of the road in a daze Qiang girl Erma yina. He was amazed, sitting in front of a natural beautiful girl". After receiving her approval, the man who likes to travel and photography took a lot of photos.

on the second night, the man posted the photo on the TOM forum. Later, Erma Yina irrevocably embarked on a star road. Later, she called fairy sister quickly in the big jump red network.

wave brother said, only more than a year’s time, angel sister, the realization of the contract income amounted to about 2000000 yuan. The fried red fairy sister, he only spent a few thousand dollars.

wave brother after pushing the Red Fairy sister, in May last year, began planning real cartoon show – "very real", this is a star network, a classic case of the unconscious to conscious.

(two) Chen Mo

held the red figure: February girl, Yan, hibiscus, small


related experience: (source: Youth weekend "exposure web production line: who created the" sister Furong)

is the early Lotus shooting a lot of photos, the nude figure on the rogue Yan wandering home, fried red February.

let us briefly review the process of his fame: he has been a construction economist for over a decade, often need to take their own work, so it is the early photography group. Later mixed Photography Forum, go out to play big

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