Need to submit the product seems to have nothing to do with it

once asked me: "the demand for interns submit finished, nothing like the things to do, what should I do?" Nani? It needs to be accomplished, Everything will be fine.? It is too naive, this world can not so friendly. The requirements are submitted, the program apes into the development process, you have to do more things!

first, make changes to the requirements of the preparation

what? Not to say need not change easily? Young, you heard the word "dream is beautiful, the reality is skinny". Although we all want to determine the needs of the future as far as possible not to change the demand, but the change in demand is still relatively common. For example, you do not take this into consideration, such as the development of the students found that technology cost is too high, such as the market situation has changed, this time as a product manager to do is to quickly organize the new requirements, to judge whether the new demand in the current version to add or change as soon as possible, and development and other related departments to develop programs right, change the document after finishing.

don’t be afraid to change your needs. It’s not a shame to change your needs. Remember, never change the product manager needs is not a good product manager. Why? What I understand is that your thinking is rigid, and that you lack self – motivation, complete the task on the matter, not to continue to observe the product, the user and the market.

secondly, be ready to test the required documentation and plan

The communication between the

and the tester is equally important. It is necessary for the tester to clearly define the purpose of the demand, the target personnel of the demand, the design purpose of the functional point, and the test points to be tested together. Only in this way, testers can better sort out test cases and perform.

if you don’t have testers in your team, you’re not willing to hire an outsourcing tester. So you have to write your own test cases, arrange the test plan and execute it. So how to write a test case? General test cases include several aspects of the test conditions, test steps, expected results, actual results". The so-called test prerequisite refers to the function to run the necessary pre operation or operation. The following figure is a test case template, for your reference.


because there is no professional testers, then the tester can only be a team member and part of the seed user. In the test case, you also need to develop a test plan, such as how many test machine, Android and IOS among team members, and how much each seed users, how to collect their feedback and so on. This plan is based on the actual situation of their own team, here is not to explain.

third, docking operations, customer service, marketing and other departments

a product on the line and release, the latter’s operations, not only on the product and development can be, but also need to rely on operations, customer service, >

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