Selling hamburger every day from Luoyang uncle 800 how to do marketing

in the Baidu input "Uncle Luoyang" 4 words, there will be more than 2 million search results. The reason is not because of a famous English farmer in Henan, at the age of 44 to the United States alone to sell hamburger every day, when the hawker, gross profit of $800, known as "Luoyang uncle". After 3 years of efforts, in the dining car, but also to expand the scale of nearly 1000 square meters of Hot pot store will be opened, the business bigger and bigger, more prosperous.

, the Columbia University, cold noodle hamburger…… These have no relevance elements, like Logo in common Luoyang Xie Yunfeng. In fact, from the marketing point of view, the old official to seize these key factors have a chance of success.

This is a foreigner

hamburger exotic

hamburger for Chinese may have been very common, but for foreigners to have a taste of foreign style is not so easy. It is known to all that Chinese restaurants are expensive in foreign countries. Uncle Luoyang to meet the needs of New Yorkers to meet the needs of the new home. Not only the hamburger, cold noodle, tofu curd, Boiled dumplings are in the dining car is selling his goods. The use of regional differences to attract customers is the first step in the successful marketing of Luoyang uncle. Enterprises in marketing, combined with their own products or technical advantages, highlighting their differences in competitiveness, will be different. If Luoyang uncle to go to New York to do not but the hamburger hamburger estimates would not have today’s popularity.

The success of

location is the second step of marketing success

The dining car opened

Luoyang uncle at the gate of Columbia University. Columbia University first solve the problem of human flow. We all know that there is always a lot of snack bar, a small restaurant near the University, a meal points to overcrowding, not to mention those taste good snack is often paiqichanglong. Small business to do marketing is very important to solve the flow problem, see more people, there are many people demand, natural turnover rate is high. Not only is the entity stalls, small enterprise network marketing is the same reason. 51 search network through a one-stop station functions quickly set up their own websites for small businesses, like Uncle Luoyang rent a own dining car; then provide a lot of opportunities for the enterprise through the search engine and instant business function, like the flow of people dining car is in high demand on the University, which brings to the enterprise abundant business opportunities.

  local marketing strategy is the reason for long-term operation

Luoyang uncle do only the hamburger meat, green peppers, onion without these ingredients. This is because foreigners can not accept. Although not a traditional hamburger but slightly changed, for the product and the customer is a kind of fusion. This fusion can not only satisfy the customers desire to innovate, and taking into account the customer acceptance. In addition, Luoyang uncle hamburger sold not expensive, for students, economic ability is the key factors restricting consumption, so the pro >

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