Wang Tong entrepreneurs need to find a little hard


at the moment, a little drunk, lying on the balcony.

listen to the sound of the waves, very relaxed.

these two days is a friend asked me to come out to play, the friend is very low-key, but in the business model planning and operation is very powerful.

he was in the army for 20 years, gave the governor as a secretary, then venture into the sea, a few years ago, he and another friend, his friend is the number one, he was in command, put a project done tens of billions, and then he backed out, get financial freedom and relaxed.

this year, he also participated in a project, he still did number two, project planning and operation. This project has not yet been released, has been 1 billion 200 million yuan pre-sale scale.

how can he be so successful?

there are several points:

1, select a large enough market segments

2, open the boot to get more than 100 partners have strength

yesterday is their product launches, this product launch only more than and 100 people attended the conference, but the cost of nearly one million yuan, for this conference, his team has been preparing for more than two months.

more than two months to prepare a conference of only more than and 100 people, these partners from around the world, and the timing of the meeting is also very interesting:

starts at 4 p.m. on the first day of the week until the start of the ceremony at 7 p.m., at a dinner party of 8 to at

second days in the morning from 9 to 12 hours to talk mode, and then the whole conference ended three.

this is definitely a careful arrangement, because in the beginning of the meeting, I look at the leadership team are unified in rehearsal, every detail to do the perfect.

he and I know is because he and his wife have read the "notice" this book, very like my philosophy, and then introduced in a friend to know.

these days his wife in the Antarctic to play, he was engaged in the press conference, invited me to look at, give them some suggestions. The end of the conference, a Vietnam Da Nang.

he doesn’t need me to publicize his project, because he has got 100 core partners, the project will soon be very low-key development.

suddenly found that Qin Gang’s core user concept too cow, not only can be applied to the Internet field, operating in the traditional areas, but also very cattle.

last month, Qin Gang wrote a copy of my letter in accordance with my soft formula to promote the core user, this idea, received 500 thousand a week.

and I wrote in July, "top secret copy of the master plan in the past"

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