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I can’t remember the year when I saw the old boy movie, I don’t remember how many years the song was in my ears. Today, I went to see this because of the "little apple" and that the domestic film, the whole point of no urine, is the best piece of film so far this year, no one. I really want to write something, so now I sit in front of the computer and try to write something.

PS: no spoilers

"apple" divine comedy, new and creative

actually "little apple" in the whole movie only once, but as the movie Xuanfa key preheating link, weeks before we began circling the ear, saw the lyrics can’t help hum up, all ages, and is quietly capture the square dance camp. Replace the most unusual folk style point the day and await for it.

from a product of light to promote a product, have to say in the film industry big money advertising marketing now, this is the starting point of a bunker.

What is the

social marketing? At least this movie Xuanfa let me see is:

let everyone get in by every opening are the starting point;

to help you in a variety of platforms get in by every opening show their play results.

I saw in the United States to take a lot of small apple as the background music to shoot all kinds of video, there is a dance into the community, there are also used to do the background when the calf spoof background music.

(if you don’t know these two stems, it just means you’re too sensitive to social marketing)

What is called the

down to earth?

we have been term grass root economy, experiential marketing has made another round of bombing.

have moved to the table, what about your love posture, it is not called no integrity, LOW force;

Gao fushuai claiming the grass root is really modest, grass root also his strength can spoil, it is called a loser;

how to call

down to earth?

wore a rich handsome aura, bent down to grass root.

the movie Niubi, with a relaxed and funny storytelling, said a good story interesting.

is the result of a bright blind eyes, the real return to life, not to please the audience or have to sublimate the theme, a happy ending.

what is the feelings of


Luo conference after the fire, all over the world to talk about feelings. Most people’s state is like a person who has never been married in the marriage, never loved the people talking about love, talk about feelings.

if you don’t have faith in me (don’t tell me you believe in money)

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