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Bill, once said: in twenty-first Century there are only two kinds of business in the world, that is, the company owns the site and will be closed business. Ma Yun also said: "the Internet has entered the era of the Internet users from the network era". The Internet not influential man with certainty, showing the importance of enterprise website and electronic commerce, the old knife to share some experience for the enterprise website promotion SEOER, you can skip the master, this can be the reference for the novice can help newcomers walk less detours

what kind of enterprises need to promote the website?

the problem seems to take off pants P, of course, is all enterprises need to leveraging the website promotion. You don’t see a permit engraved chapter, people are using the website promotion bluff and deceive money. The old knife to express SEOER looking for work or cooperation projects to find what the enterprise? A principle: the Baidu b2bb2c platform bidding, push or advertising companies, such companies to better understand and accept SEO. to seek cooperation projects or looking for work, in the face of this enterprise you can get more. As everyone knows that SEO ranking technology. If the company did not put a variety of advertising channels awareness, in the rankings have not been an ideal time to rise, SEOER’s work pressure is amazing, and can not be understood by outsiders.

companies with SEO, Baidu bid to do it?

many small business owners can not afford Baidu for burn mode, to recruit SEO, trying to lower cost to do more business. This is right but moves, wrong starting point of cooperation with SEOER, it is because most people don’t realize the value of the SEOER and the SEO of pure power ranking technology view. For Baidu bidding is also done, the old knife’s view is: do! But there are ways to do

said the consequences of not doing, many websites to stop Baidu bidding, Baidu was the manual intervention, natural ranking of the original website to Yelang go, cause an enterprise to suffer a loss. So Baidu this knife, or have to go along with the use of anti – will be cut to their own.

do, but also how to do?

this is the power of the SEOER, the first lesson of all the SEOER is the keyword analysis. Baidu bid price is also competing keywords. SEOER just have the ability for the enterprise to develop reasonable key words and realize the biggest transformation, in the process of doing SEOER also have to track the keywords source, analysis of the key word quality, add more long tail keywords. To achieve the maximum benefit at the lowest cost. So the effect of the pursuit of the first one is none other than non Baidu bidding. Of course, Baidu bidding to do, but the key is to focus on precise positioning control.

how to do better advertising alliance


advertising alliance is also a good way to promote enterprise sites, but some companies do not have the expertise or professional people to operate, advertising alliance voted >

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