Positioning quality promotion of APP marketing three key points

often play mobile phone, tablet computer and social media friends must be very familiar with APP, it can be said that the APP has been widely used in all aspects of life, life, entertainment, shopping, social work, etc. everywhere. At the same time, around the APP marketing business is increasing, marketing get in by every opening.

APP is simple, application application, APP marketing is the enterprise products, brands or related elements with the application performance, and operation to carry out marketing activities to attract users to download and use in a special mobile phone, etc., on the platform of the SNS community.

According to China Mobile

"intelligent mobile phone APP Internet advertising and marketing value" Research Report shows that due to high precision marketing and strong interactive marketing capabilities, intelligent mobile phone APP mobile phone have become popular, APP advertising, the average visible saccades, attention was significantly higher than that of the general web banner ads, which concern the ratio of more than 40%, 2 "the banner of the times.

mobile phone users reached 464 million, apparently the phone has become the largest Internet terminal, the Chinese Internet has entered the era of mobile internet. While the APP marketing with the development of low cost, easy to be accepted, the target audience can provide accurate service, customer promotion and help close to a number of features, so many enterprises have become an important part of the social media marketing APP marketing.

so APP marketing should pay attention to what the problem?

a, positioning, to seize the human nature. Speaking of the functional positioning of APP, a lot of people first to talk about the full featured brand or a single function to show the brand". In fact, this is not important, regardless of the choice of the former or the latter, must first study, relationship between brand and consumer products, according to the analysis of large data mining their own needs and interests, and can grasp some elements of the target population with human nature, such as curiosity, pornography, peeping, sharing, anger, laziness, and health good, sensibility, envy, vanity etc.. The success or failure of the key lies in the degree of fit with the product, both to fit the brand or product, but also to meet the needs of users.

an example, such as Holland FB brand APP: as long as you positive evaluation and share to Twitter and Facebook, App female models will take off clothes, forwarding, comments more clothes more, until so far off. Although the promotion of some disgusting, but FB brand awareness instantly detonated on the network.

point like strip is the relationship between the product and the consumer word of mouth dug out, and with pornography, peeping into the combination of APP, to achieve the promotion of reputation and popularity.

two, quality, beyond soft advertising. In fact, a good positioning means a good idea, a good idea to determine the good quality, so that consumers and users will accept this APP. Good APP is either practical or life

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