By the 13 round of financing to survive for nearly 20 years wearable even to the death of originato

wearable equipment originator Jawbone reportedly plans to withdraw from the sports Bracelet field, there are indications that this a unicorn is fading. Over the past 20 years, the company continues to rely on financing to survive, the only way is to be acquired or listed in the United States, when the financing environment is not bad, entrepreneurial companies lose the right to speak and the decline wouldn’t be a surprise. But Jawbone is not isolated, it represents a typical survival of global technology companies.

about the unicorn, the latest news is it planned to transfer to foreign wireless speaker business, and are looking for potential buyers, more people realize that it is bad, Jawbone has now discontinued Up health tracking devices, while the existing inventory sold to third party retailers, you know, but it was outside as the originator of wearable devices.

according to fortune website, Business Insider and other media reports, Jawbone refused to comment on the rumors, so I do not know whether it is temporarily out of the field of wearable devices. CEO Hossain ·, Rahman (Hosain), said in an interview earlier that the company plans to launch a clinical level of health equipment. After a new round of business to reduce the company, I do not know whether this plan will continue to advance the problem is currently placed in front of the company is the ability to find a suitable buyer for this round of business sales.

in the popular wave of wearable devices, Jawbone is considered to be the originator of this field, its valuation was Uber and Up, in addition to be roughly the same smart bracelet, Bluetooth headset and sound is the three symbolic products of this company, but in this "death signal" issued before, all the signs are that the company in trouble.

first discount financing. In February of this year, Jawbone financing $165 million. According to reports, the valuation of only $1 billion 500 million, a discount of $3 billion compared to the previous round of $50%.

and layoffs in the past, but also shows that the company is tightening spending last year, the company announced layoffs 60, equivalent to 15% of the total number of employees, it also closed the New York office.

in addition, in the past two years, the company is in and peer in the lawsuit: in 2014, on behalf of the factory business Flextronics (Flex) Jawbone accused of breach of contract and litigation, although the lawsuit reconciliation, but Jawbone was so compensation of $20 million; in 2015 after the Fitbit listing, Jawbone has launched a lawsuit against Fitbit and Fitbit charges the employee theft of company secrets, patent infringement. But the court recently ruled in favor of Fitbit.

so far, the unicorn’s fate has surfaced – to death. But if you look back at the company 2>

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