Look at the successful experience of foreign pizza shop on how to carry out viral marketing

viral marketing (viral marketing, also known as viral marketing) is a kind of popular network marketing methods, commonly used in Web site promotion, brand promotion, viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, can be like a virus so the rapid spread of viral marketing (viral marketing) has become an efficient way of dissemination of information, and, because of this spontaneous communication between users, so almost do not need network marketing costs. Here we look at the foreign pizza shop is how viral marketing play dripping wet delicate.

in Edward, USA, there’s a pizza shop called FlyingPie. Shop owner has a website, do a mess is not good, the site is full of information, large and small color of the font, people do not know how to use. However is so bad, so little of the cyber source, has launched a set of interesting online marketing plan, and has been quietly pushing for years, let the city everyone know this shop.

Flying Pie this successful online marketing program called It’s Your Day. The owner of the shop will write a name on the website every week, when the pizza shop is busy, invite the owner of the name to the pizza shop to make a 10 inch pizza. For example, yesterday is February 16th Ross, February 19th Joey, February 20th Tamarra, every day we invited five named the name of lucky people, quite free in the afternoon or evening 2-4 8-10 the two pizza time to FlyingPie in the kitchen, making their own free 10 inch pizza."

of course, every person must bring their ID cards to prove that they really call this name. FlyingPie also asked them to make their own pizza photo and upload to the network.

according to the marketing plan, FlyingPie website, every week to announce the name of the new week, and remind you often come back to see this list. If you see your friend’s name, please tell him and call him over!

a customer named Kendra, when she knew FlyingPie, her boss told. Her boss goes to the site once a week, just because he likes the "photo" on FlyingPie and thinks they’re funny. One day the boss told her, Kendra, come, go! So, how to choose a new name? FlyingPie random choice? No, FlyingPie will invite each to provide names and votes, they will put the votes decide next week when reference lucky name.

‘s approach is to ask the participants to think about their friends

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