deas to guide the site share several feasible site promotion methods


traffic has always been a goal to pursue, but also a benchmark for the overall development of the scale of the site. Although some website traffic is not necessarily high, can earn money, but this is only an individual, for most sites, and the flow is proportional to the income or. SEO has been two or three years, did not dare to say SEO understanding is very deep, but in the process of practice slowly have their own opinion, this article and share ideas for several websites can really bring traffic, can be said that each has its own characteristics. Due to limited space, is divided into two parts to share, please paizhuan.

today to share the method of each other, each has its advantages. Some need a certain amount of money to support, some need to own resources or they can develop batch operation software, some rely on a good writing style to do the promotion, so if you have some expertise, go along this road, generally adhere to a less effective. All right, let’s share it.

first, the use of good QQ space

QQ space is a high quality of the community, which is mostly young positioning, and a considerable part of the purchasing power, it is particularly suitable for traffic flow. There are a lot of specific methods, can be good at allowing others to log, you can batch message, you can leave traces of visits, and then guide others to return to achieve the purpose of. But there is a key point here is not to send too much or too frequent, if you want to batch operation, must be worse IP or account. Attracted by the flow of QQ space, whether it is to do Taobao guest, CPA, CPS can be. The focus of this idea is the bulk, ideas or their own, but if the value of the batch will produce.

second, the long tail SEO traffic

if the QQ space is faster, then the use of SEO keyword optimization is a long-term stable flow. When the optimization of the key words not staring at the core keywords, to optimize the flow of some long tail keywords, long tail keywords is bigger than the core keywords flow, especially some popular events or some industries, long tail traffic is particularly fierce, this is what we should strive to break the place.

third, forum activities to promote

generally use the forum to promote not traditional post promotion, here that is paid promotion, such as competition, competition cost is very high, sustained a very long time, on site traffic and brand can play a very good publicity effect. Recommend that you can try. In addition, there are many prizes activities, T floor, spike, are very popular way to promote the site, but also can bring very good traffic. Sometimes if you can get involved in the chat version is also quite good activity, chat version of the influence is very large, can bring a lot of traffic for the site.

Fourth, the use of

ebook promotion


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