Brief introduction of video marketing operation

video marketing is recognized as the conversion rate is higher the marketing tactics, the mention of video marketing you may first think of is advertising, video advertising inserts, indeed, but the video marketing content of the recording, the advertising content set these are skills.

video traffic come from?

1, the search engine Baidu, soso, 360 search, Sogou, Youdao,

, immediately

2, the video station itself: Youku, potatoes, 56 nets,

, such as room six

3, blog micro-blog: Sina blog / micro-blog, NetEase blog / micro-blog, Sohu blog / micro-blog, QQ space / Tencent, such as

4, outside the station to share: video sharing functions to share such as happy network, beautiful, Tianya, post bar and other community

5, Baidu 115, SkyDrive Download: SkyDrive, HUAWEI and SkyDrive

video content how to arrange?


video marketing video is generally more practical, such as XXX, XXX tutorial play, XXX introduced, because it is useful to the user, to let users get to give users, advertising content is generally appears at the end of the video. For example, you are selling products, first of all to let users know how to use the product, why should we use the last advertising, such as contact, add url. Video is not too single, you can combine the product itself plus some entertainment factors in it.

how to improve video hits


released video generally choose Youku, potatoes and so on, these video station itself traffic is particularly large, but this is not our main source of traffic, our main source of traffic is the search engine, search engine users cover too wide, if you need to find some information, you will remember the website or go to search go to the search engine? So Wangzhuan circle advice is:

released video in Youku, potatoes, traffic to search engine owners, the video station itself, blog, share outside the station, download traffic supplement.


can lead to traffic from search engines? This will require some time in the video of the title, the title is written to the Internet search behavior, such as the words "s", so the long tail keywords will have "L-carnitine which brand is good, L-carnitine useful, L-carnitine side effect", the long tail keywords to the Baidu index: view related keywords or keyword mining tools: to find the best title, keyword and 1~3 long tail key words. After the video work the video posted to the blog, outside the station, micro-blog, SkyDrive share, the title of the method is similar, this is in order to increase the search engine ranking competition. Just imagine

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