Summary of website operation promotion techniques in 2008

used to have a lot of friends summed up the website promotion method, but with the passage of time, there have been many new promotion. Often these new promotion methods, in the actual operation of the promotion effect is more obvious.

Web2.0 is currently a lot of applications are extremely hot, and search engines on the Web2.0 elements, more friendly. The use of Web2.0 elements to promote their site, should be a lot of webmaster friends to consider.

of course, I combine some of the previous promotion methods and my personal promotion on the Web2.0 method, make a summary:

1.SEO, this is actually in the establishment of the should be considered, after verification of several things effectively, URL Pinyin, a direct and simple title, the title split with " |", right meta, RSS feed,

rich in the station connection, site map, there is such a label, the most important thing is not to do evil. After that, submit your site to the search. This can refer to

2.RSS, by RSS in addition to the rich in connection, the user is also a subscription, then there are several RSS aggregation sites, search the weights are very high, can be added such as can quickly get the search included and have good weight,

such as,, etc.. The user is interested in the content of the site, through the subscription, which can increase the site traffic, but also can increase user viscosity.

3 group (Collection), this method is very good, very effective. A good web site (Collection), often can give your site to bring considerable traffic.

4 exchange friendship connection, such as, website promotion is very necessary.

5.QQ, E-MAIL, is also a good way to promote the specific success rate, and promotion skills, the success of the early hao123, to a large extent, are relying on the promotion of.

6 advertising promotion, this way, need to spend a lot of money, but more economical way is recommended to station a station, Baidu, Google promotion is similar, also hung their ads, so that the balance of payments was essentially flat.

site traffic has gone up.

7 do content, depending on the user’s word of mouth marketing, in fact, is also very effective. Success stories qq163.

key recommendation: login social search engine. Search engine to the web site traffic is huge. Especially in China, Baidu and google. Once the site was blocked by Baidu, the consequences are very serious.

but big search >

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