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the millet in the past six months the biggest change is that from the very state of the transition to the normal electricity supplier electricity supplier.

The changes of

channel millet is a very important, is around the millet network as the core of the construction of the whole network channels, to adapt to all kinds of users shopping habits.


millet is not a Hard Suits Inc, is the value of the future through smart devices connected to the number of users of our value.

In fact, the

millet is also very willing to work with GREE, as long as the dongdajie nod, this is not polite.



network operators in the world by Xu Lijun

millet President Lin Bin in September 8th by the network operators in the world’s 2015 new business summit and Beauty Group Chairman Fang Hongbo "enterprises without borders" theme dialogue, discussion of traditional enterprise transformation, and the mobile phone market competition, millet ecological chain layout problem to accept "the world" network interview.

the following is "the world network" interview with Lin Bin:

1 how do you think of the current mobile phone market competition millet strategy is


Lin Bin: competition in the mobile phone market has always been there, as if this year is more intense, but we have done for five years, in fact, every year is very fierce. We feel that this is a good thing, as long as the competition is benign, each company wants to do a good job of the product, to do the most basic, the benefit of consumers.

millet in the past six months, the biggest change is that we transition from a very normal electricity supplier to the normal electricity supplier. The most direct change is that when the new product is released, including red rice and red rice 2A Note2, we have prepared a lot of goods. External may not feel anything, but it is very important to our internal, we call it millet 2". Prior to our new product launches, it takes 3 to 5 months to meet the needs of the user, and then slowly become a month, a month, a month of two. We released in August, red rice Note2, one up on the spot ready 800 thousand, and now there are hundreds of thousands of red rice 2A goods.

There are several reasons for the change of

, the first is the improvement of supply chain. Normal electricity supplier is a good thing for consumers, the outside world have written us, said the cattle to sell millet phone fare. In fact, this is not what we want to see, our mobile phone to the cattle hands plus money to buy not worth a hair, the user, accidentally buy fake products, it is a kind of hurt millet brand. We also struggle with cattle for many years, the supply chain is improved, there is no chance of cattle; the second is to enhance the strength of research and development. At the beginning of our R & D strength is limited, if a large number of goods on the rise, once a large area of quality problems, the brand died. Now enter normalization, in fact, the risk is also high, I can do a little less, through rapid iteration the product change, now a large amount, once the problem, the risk is high; the third is the volume of the prediction ability. Inventory is one of the biggest operational risks, we accumulate >

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