Analysis of the five kinds of promotion methods

website promotion method for millions of species, each have each kind of good and bad, owners how to choose their own use that must have been very difficult, you should also do not know when will not achieve the desired effect of their own in this time, only to the network to see someone else in this way out of experience to analyze, infer suitable for themselves, such as the promotion of soft paper, so it is necessary to combine their own writing level, can reach or exceed his height, he. Comprehensive analysis, and not see a use of a blind use only time-consuming. Then according to the author’s experience here to give you some experience for the share promotion methods, for reference:

first: use soft Wen to promote

this method is relatively the best, of course, also want to see your style of work to the bottom, a wonderful chewy soft paper than you send dozens of links, soft Wen can bring their own promotion intentions deep in content, which is not like advertising and advertising, advertising in the. This is the promotion of soft benefits, and now most of the owners are trying to use soft Wen to promote soft skills, some not so good looking for ways to write the webmaster to collect the original soft, it also created a new industry was born, is the soft release type website, so soft but not soft, it soft advertising is to soften, remove the advertising traces, using the method of the interpretation of the text, so that users are more willing to accept such information. The first generation of soft Wen promotion master is said to know I have no memory of melatonin.

second: Q & a platform to promote

No effect of

inquiry platform to do good? Ask the type of medical website owners, most of this type of the webmaster is to promote the inquiry platform, inquiry platform promotion benefits that can be more accurate to find potential customers and target customers. I think we not okay to answer a question. The platform is generally, when there is something but not solved will use Q & a platform, and we can choose the corresponding forum to answer promotion according to their own needs, inquiry platform promotion, mainly to see what you thought to promote, the suggestion is to promote to the identity of a user, do not use I do this type of station, I know this identity, whether can promote the success that can through the audit is a problem, if you give some forever "a few minutes waiting", then you cry no tears. Therefore, the inquiry platform promotion is about himself in what kind of perspective to answer the question, and not how you want to answer is how to answer, third party people answered the first person to be higher than ever, this is common sense.

third: SNS promotion

many people say that the promotion effect on the SNS site is not good, if so, then I can only tell you that you use the method is not very correct. In fact, SNS promotion is equivalent to face-to-face promotion, because it is through the chat is a >

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