From traditional thinking to the nternet thinking art electricity supplier a Shang Yang reform

From 2013

launched Amazon art trading platform, Taobao, Suning, Gome and other electricity providers with the rush on like a swarm of hornets, large and small, the art of art electricity supplier, electricity supplier in the field has entered a feudal hegemony of the Warring States period, the governors have moves to the king. However, over the past year the proportion of art electricity supplier accounted for less than one percent of China’s total art sales in 2013. After several times the author and the art community to communicate, are considered to be the art of electricity supplier in the operation of thinking out of the question, it should be a thought of Shang Yang reform".

we always mention the traditional thinking, the Internet thinking, it is estimated that few people can stop to think about the difference between the two, it is estimated that the mall is busy scale, traffic, turnover rate and other things. In fact, the difference between the two is still quite large, otherwise it will not have so many lines of business into the Internet have failed, website, e-commerce, WeChat, and so on, the concept did not matter, traditional traditional thinking, the Internet is the Internet thinking, if blindly rely on the advantages of the line or on the line of thinking to operate, only a dead end.

if the thinking is the same, why do we say every day, after 90 thinking is really different from the 80, 70 after

?There is a big difference between

thinking and thinking.

however, whether it is the traditional thinking, the Internet thinking, or 90, 80, after the 70 thinking, in essence, their roots are from people, we just understand the thinking mode can be.

from the traditional thinking, the traditional auction companies to build an auction process, the user is generally the first to receive the auction companies’s catalogue, books or online, then take a look at the catalogue above has no items of their choice, then go to the auction preview of further research on the auction, the industry generally will find friends or experts to check, if there are no questions, just to participate in the auction, bid, auction and payment, get. This transaction process after 20 years of development, has become the majority of people to buy art thinking habits, it is not easy to change.

is now offline auction successful experience will, seems to have become a successful model of art electricity supplier, electricity suppliers are mostly these works of art has developed an online auction, online auction auction that is more convenient than the line, to attract users to participate. But it is very difficult to copy the line auction purchase experience, such as works of art art authenticity, value judgment, art appreciation problem, so art electricity supplier has not exceeded the existing difficulties in the cage, so many years have no substantial development.

I think the fundamental reason is that the art of electricity providers did not play their own advantages of the Internet, is still under the traditional line of thought to operate art electricity supplier, after all, the line and the line is completely different. On the one hand accustomed to the line of the auction of those users, the online auction is not how

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