The age of the nternet brand marketing book exposure let you not only burst red also Changhong

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Which excavator school tops the list? Lan Xiang technical topics and scripts within a short period of time across the internet.

Lan Xiang rough full of local flavor advertising ridicule into a variety of scripts, madness spread in various network channels, that has become a hot search term excavator.

In fact,

, Lan Xiang technical school that typical township enterprise advertising itself does not have any communication, but Lan Xiang is always as one of the protagonists in the Sino US hacker attacks in the news, thus greatly increased exposure, the mystery also accumulated more strong, tall on the national confrontation and the dregs of soil and the formation of a technical school of advertising humor gap, critical point, excavator spoof scripts turned out, finally let Lan Xiang piece Huobian internet.

but let President Lan Xiang is not happy days, negative information, inter provincial marriage brawl scandal, involving multiple identity cards, school management problems and a series of blowing, the moment, Lan Xiang in the public crisis.

The spread of

, which is the age of the Internet everyone, every society of small molecules will be world-famous for 15 minutes, a moment when the tide comes, cool clothes may be found in the teeth of the storm after being stripped of all.

I believe that President Lan Xiang’s own burst of red, naive to think of their "excavator which strong" advertising is how successful. He did not know that he was a spread of the Internet era drama to the front, so that he did not understand why the negative public opinion suddenly ran out all of a sudden.

information dissemination channels from single to multiple

Internet era has completely changed the pattern of the spread of the past, print, radio and television media dominated era, communication is the triangle model, the media at the top of the triangle layer, the source of information is usually spread from the media, the media, radio, screen layout to the public space, and is a one-way communication.

the advent of the Internet, the flow of information is completely changed, especially the emergence and popularity of social media, the propagation model has undergone fundamental changes, spread into a three-dimensional reticular pattern of the spread, everyone has become a molecule of media, the media is in a network of larger molecules the flow of information from the theory, can be issued from any one molecule, to the whole network, the premise is the rapid spread of power, enough information.


communication pattern, a fundamental change in the change of the propagation path, the traditional media is no longer at the top of the triangle model, but the drop in mesh three-dimensional model, a three-dimensional communication network of large molecules.

in fact, due to the development of social media and the growing maturity of the network model, the role of traditional media in the traditional media era is far worse than the. The flow of information, do not have to start from these macromolecules, and even can not go through these macromolecules, you can completely the flow of the whole network. This is a fundamental reason for the dramatic changes in the media

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