Website offline promotion skills two efficient ways

where are you promoting your website, right? Have you ever thought about it, as well as promoting it offline? Read some tips on how to get visitors who never find you.

of course, social media seem to be everywhere, but not everyone online, even so, they may or may not find you. So how do you get their attention?

try some offline website promotion strategy. Here are two to get you started.

1) business card

I know, it sounds very old hat, but the real business card. Get some printed on a local printer, or order a large box online.

in front, put a compelling title, then your website, and take care of your name, company name, or your phone number.

in the back, lists some suggestions. Yes, this is in some way related to your business skills.

You can also add

coupons in there, or the coupon code you can fit just below your tips! You can also consider to provide them in their e-mail address, of course, in exchange for a free gift.

makes them useful so that people can actually hang on to your card can send back the secret!

then they came out like candy. Anyone who is most interested can have 1 bits. Go to the exchange activities, talk to your website and invite others to come to you and take advantage of special offers or even free gifts!

In addition to

, you can also use the flyer to distribute some tips to let them put as many hands as possible.

2) leaflets

flyer is another great way to advertise your website offline. Design a compelling flyer with a great title and offer and call the words. Of course you’re in the big, black.

at the bottom of the flyer, you should have some tears with your website URL brought over, so that interested people who did not take the whole flyer, but can only tear down those bring a home.

where do you post your flyers? No one is allowed. Any public notice board. Many grocery stores, coffee shops, libraries, universities and other places have bulletin boards, you can post them. Just be aware of your target market, unless the board is free and all that is required to be granted.

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