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friendship connection is an important way to promote the site, the site and other sites in the content, resources sharing, usually take the friendship connection, to achieve the purpose of resource sharing. Although the forms and methods of operation are not the same, but the basic idea is the same, that is, in their own marketing resources to achieve the purpose of common development through cooperation.

exchange link itself is also a common website promotion means, the more opportunities to be linked to other sites, the more conducive to the promotion of their web site. Especially for the majority of small and medium sites, this promotion is a commonly used method, but also has a certain effect.

link or reciprocal link exchange, exchange links, Links etc., is a simple forms of cooperation between certain complementary advantages of the site, the other site placed respectively on their website LOGO or website name, hyperlink and set the other website, users can find their own website cooperation from the website, to mutual promotion.

exchange links mainly in the following aspects: get traffic, increase user impression in the search engine rankings, increase the advantages, increase the credibility of visitors through cooperation website recommendation. But a link exchange effect, there are some different views, some people think that the site visits can be obtained from the link is very small, some people think that exchange links not only can obtain the potential value of the brand, can also get a lot of direct access.

personal point of view, the meaning of the exchange links have actually exceeded the possibility of direct increased access to this category, than increased access to more important lies in the cognitive and recognition, because in general, each link of the site is close in size, there are certain correlation or complementary content, only after the other the approval will only be your site as a partner.

exchange links FAQ


link on the website on the issue, we often see some very different results, some sites do not distinguish lists many apparently unrelated websites, from the chemical building materials to the personal portrait, and the profile of every hue; there are many sites, there is no related links. These two cases are extreme, even for the more normal web site links, there are some problems need attention.

(1) the number of links have no standard


how many links to do enough? This is often a number of network marketing personnel are more concerned about the issue, however, this standard may be difficult to determine, mainly related to the status of the site where the field. A particularly strong professional website, content related or complementary sites may be very small, then it is possible to achieve the number of exchange links naturally less. On the contrary, the popular web site can choose the link object is much more extensive.

in general, you can refer to their own content and scale are poor

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