Example sharing 0 cost WeChat promotion of drainage for 6 hours 3000

did not have time to bubble, more recently, the positive transformation of the product manager at present, hope that friends can communicate with peers.

today, micro-blog has a popular event, Jaycee Chan and Ke Zhendong what we all know, the morning news received the above said want to borrow this event to push WeChat public number, I just think of micro-blog "Guoli Zhang and Jackie Chan" they laugh together to find children in the picture:


then pushed forward and put forward some time ago to play a game to adapt it: http://s.t.cn/RP8MB9S, the people looking for Jaycee Chan

well, the game is really boring. But the background data is amazing.

(conditional people can now study the need to play the circle of friends, in fact, we really do not play circle of friends IT circle)


received a notice from half past eight in the morning, I spent half an hour to complete the game rectification and WeChat graphic message typesetting, and then notify all departments to share this game. (less than 30 people)

9 began to flow, until noon before dinner to look at the statistics found quite impressive, so let everyone share through the QQ group to promote the second round, copywriting is also very simple:

http://s.t.cn/RP8MB9S this game really insane… Use mobile phone to play

this is the 15:00 data:


Join the

web page code, mobile phone users can only play the game, so the purpose of promotion is very strong, is to give WeChat public platform to do promotion, (the game page has a significant public concern, click on the link platform) so you can see from the above data, 99% of the traffic comes from mobile phone users.

and then he naturally spread well, if the conditions can be done by micro-blog, post bar, forums and other forms of publicity. (the transmission speed is really fast and crazy)

finally make a summary of today’s WeChat platform to promote the best way for the game to spread, you need to have the conditions are:

1 games do you play fun fun, others will naturally share;

2 has the difficulty, behind more and more difficult to play, so as to heighten people share the sport mentality;

3 the initial seed, that is, the amount of time you first start sharing is enough, if the amount is too small will not react;

4 you need a planning + technology + Art + WeChat operators.

PS: there’s a detail that doesn’t know big

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