Why do you try to fool than others adorable Repetition on still water runs deep type of marketing

from "received only melatonin" to "international brands carry hungry multi grain oat milk", a lot of successful marketing is an integral part of "repeated hold".

with the view that "still water runs deep marketing success".

read too vulgar to be endured "received only melatonin, was popular in a expensive, high streets and back lanes; create a large advertising is so good to hear or see advertising scene, let people remember the comfortable and beautiful, but can’t remember the brand.

is looking for creative right, but in the information age, changeable perhaps a way does not always keep pace with the speed of forgotten. When some brainwashed advertisements frequently printed in the minds of people, but the formation of a long-term memory, such as the mention of "gifts" thought of "melatonin", will send their elders "gold wine", and to "thin here", "thin here" able to associate "weight reducing tea"……

these ads tell us is a way of marketing, the success of no less than the "core" of the location, i.e., in the promotion of any advertising, to create a brand when the need to choose a more easy memory, more "deafening" the main line, for example recently popular network Reds + singer Joker, micro-blog hot piece after the total inscribed "irrelevant" wish: "I wish the world peace", since then, as long as the "world peace" with the Joker buddies will take the hint.

in marketing, you also need to forge a representative of the "core soul".

said in a van with wonderful, multi grain oat milk, jahath coffee, Head and Shoulders, vivo and other cases do, except Ma Dong, cleverly implanted and various players on the piece, we have to admit that all advertisements of these brands from the Pope, have a fixed and personalized way:

dress with fan, strive to not make two.

international anti hunger big brand, fruit grain multi oat milk.

will be able to drink the coffee and chat happily.

nonsense like dandruff, please wipe it with Head and Shoulders


is fast enough to let you fly vivo phone.

mad pull cool hanging fried days……

we can’t deny that Ma Dong cleverly implanted to each ad, even without these clever, is less a wonderful audience to say a round of applause, but we must also admit that these advertisements can be Ma Dong, the players cleverly implanted into the program, and the depth of memory fast to get the audience the main reason is that each brand advertising has a unique "core" statement.

behind every marketing skills, we can’t have a lack of "representative" connections, for having heard it many times advertisements, are often better than new.

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