Blog program on a few fragmentary ideas

    sometimes I think funny, give advice, Lei Feng is probably not the money, but also kill people back. So by encouraging the main cast of real money, see more think more.

    today’s idea is all about blog, because I think blog is actually the essence of the Internet, in the words of the phrase, blog is the representative of web2.0.

  now there are a lot of people opened more than one blog, such as Sina NetEase Sohu each open one, to publish a log on the three sites should be sent again, a waste of energy and time. Can a software development, integration of major blog. (the best also can add the blog address), enter a different blog address and username and password in the software, select a number of blog to be published, click the button to send to each blog.

two ideas: integrated advertising function in blog

    the reality is also very simple, in the relevant parts of the blog advertising code reserved position. Users only need to add advertising code in the background file box. I have said it before, as if it did not attract the attention of some blog authors. I would like to say that if there is this feature, the use of this blog program will be greatly increased. Don’t take personal likes and dislikes (blog words) to market speculation, should use the customer likes and dislikes to speculate on the market.

   , in addition, I feel a lot of domestic blog author also did not fully realize that blog will actually be the backbone of the future of the Internet, the money is very large, so in this regard has not worked hard. For example, the ability to generate HTML static file blog is also very little, in fact, this feature is not difficult to achieve, but this is the quality of the search engine included blog has a greater relationship.

    macro circles have a problem in text advertising advertising will seriously slow down the page display speed, actually through the advertising function is integrated in the blog program can greatly accelerate the speed of access to advertising. So I think the macro sector several text advertising companies can purchase or modification of several blog program, the advertising function simply integrated into the program, automatic acquisition through a similar procedure to advertising content generated in advance to the blog database in the paper to.

three ideas: blog program can extend to the upstream

  combined with the domain name service provider? The international domain name, space and the blog program package sale – this service I know already, but the publicity is not enough outstanding and concentrated. Some big blog.

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