Web2 0 online advertising to upgrade the threshold

1 online advertising has expanded the nature of

recently released data show that this year, Q1 U.S. online advertising revenue grew 26%, reaching $4 billion 900 million, creating a record. While China’s online advertising market is also growing rapidly, iResearch latest data show that 07 years Q1 China online advertising overall delivery costs reached $899 million, an increase of up to 50.7%. What causes the rapid growth of online advertising?

"because it has more than traditional advertising has been greatly expanded, whether in the form or in the real marketing effect."

2 advertisers on the network media began to look

on the U.S. market, analysts believe that thanks to Google, Microsoft and a series of acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions, the field of Internet advertising has attracted the attention of the industry in recent months. "The huge market potential of online advertising has attracted much attention, and capital operation is not only the recognition of the market, but also stimulate the further development of the market." From the user’s point of view, advertisers are increasingly confident about the Internet media."

but in addition, the network advertisement although derived from advertising, but it was reborn with high-tech development, continuously expand the connotation of the original advertisement, more and more directly promote the marketing effect. For advertisers, so that they have a.

3 thanks to Web2.0, online advertising to upgrade the threshold of

As everyone knows, today’s "

network advertisement already is not only the picture of the various departments and regions, rich media and video advertising works are more and more widely used." Thanks to the popularity of Web2.0, online advertising has come to the edge of the upgrade threshold.

"on the one hand, Web2.0 provides a wider platform for Internet advertising, the audience more interactive, more targeted put; on the other hand, take the opportunity to gradually break the traditional advertising network advertising is only advertising function, and assume more and more direct marketing tasks, to some of the types of goods, from advertising to the audience to accept to complete the purchase behavior of the entire process, can be covered in the network advertisement function."

4 advantage lies in technological innovation, but also in the audience to support subsequent marketing behavior

, such as plane, radio, television and other traditional forms of advertising, compared with online advertising has its own limitations. This is not only reflected in the creation and delivery of technology may also be reflected in the audience reach and follow-up marketing behavior support." A variety of traditional advertising will not disappear, but the online advertising will pose a threat to the traditional advertising market."

"network advertising is derived from advertising, but with the help of the network of this special platform, it has gone beyond the connotation of traditional advertising, and even for marketing to bring a new concept."


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