t is a year of 818 and six anniversary of ocean terminal to do

news August 17th, billion state power network was informed that from the beginning of August 18th, the six anniversary of the overseas shopping platform ocean terminal set up to celebrate the "global online discount shopping spree season", at the same time, the supply of goods, logistics, customer service has made some upgrades, to ensure smooth.

According to

billion state power network understanding, Ocean Terminal in order to prepare for this big promotion activities, organized in 68 countries of 20 thousand buyers hoarding commodities explosion models. And launched the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the world’s four largest Carnival day, at the same time, the foreign terminal VVIP (super VIP) users to launch a more favorable discount. It is reported that this event time is from August 18th to August 26th.

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the activities, the foreign terminal also made some upgrades on the service. Including the Ocean Terminal Based on qualification of buyers overseas background (overseas credit status, etc.) the security review for supply of goods; non delivery service commitment in time under the condition of ocean terminal to consumers paid a certain amount; and all goods support local return service.

It is reported that in 2015

, Ocean Terminal global buyers in 44 countries and regions, and by the end of June 2016, this figure increased to 68 countries around the world. There are about 20 thousand, covering six continents, accounted for more than 1/3 countries around the world.

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