Second backup Bureau quietly rise

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server hosting, either IDC or individual owners, operators, may bandwidth resource quality and bandwidth of the room price is talked about. How to find the optimal cost of bandwidth, IDC bandwidth determines the quality and cost, which has become the IDC.

pain in my heart forever

IDC is not short of time, in this area for a period of time, gradually with the experience of some of their own experiences here and share with you.


all the week, China Telecom has four nodes – Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Xi’an. The backbone of the room of the city, in terms of bandwidth quality or environment, it is very good, of course, the price is very high. In the case of Xi’an: Xi’an is a node in WD center, computer room bandwidth the export of 60G resources, the environment well. But in this room hosting server costs at least 8000 or more, the cost is almost 2 times the.

room of the second level other

not long ago, talk about bandwidth distribution and Regional Internet Bo four friends, said the Weinan telecommunications room, a friend told me a concept before, never heard of called " second ". The so-called backup; backup, backup refers to the nodes. Nodes in the Construction Department of telecommunications the room at the same time, will leave a backup line to build spare room. This room there may be room level backup before investment completed, upgraded to a backup room; it may be built at the same time and node. In short, once the node line fails, the backup line immediately upgrade. This is room it means that the backup lines in the office of absolute quality is the backbone of the room and in the same grade, but not because of node, fame is relatively poor, relatively few people know, the price is relatively much cheaper. Friend Weinan Telecom room is said to be the second backup of the western data center, export 20G, and the bandwidth utilization is very low, the price is much lower than the node computer room, is a very good resource.

The current

, and not a few IDC to backup Bureau resources. Its advantages have not been excavated. As long as you find the backup line of each backbone node, will have a very high cost of bandwidth resources. I think in the near future, IDC will become the second backup Bureau following the node after a battle hot qq58913433


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