Taobao sellers try to test the waters of the new immigrants suffered embarrassment

June 28th news, with the rapid development of Jingdong POP platform, the electricity supplier platform for the battle between suppliers of resources gradually began. Due to the increasing competition in Taobao, Taobao, many sellers want to shift the focus of the business, but the test of water to operate Jingdong POP platform businesses also feel embarrassed.

Taobao waist seller business focus shift

, according to industry insiders, some Taobao sellers have begun to re allocation and migration of the business. Due to the growing number of Taobao platform sellers, increasing competition, businesses generally low price, many small sellers difficult to profit. With the loss of Taobao platform traffic dividend, part of the platform is not subject to the attention of Taobao sellers need new sales channels and platforms.

is a business to billion state power network said: "Taobao platform now obvious businesses, competition, low profits, low sales volume, the low degree of brand exposure. Jingdong and other platforms competition is relatively small, relatively high exposure rate, sales will be improved."

due to the current flow of Jingdong mall dividends, businesses gradually attached importance to Jingdong POP platform is an inevitable trend." Insiders pointed out that, especially in the Taobao platform is not supported by the central seller and is in the growth phase of the brand will choose to cooperate with Jingdong mall.

Jingdong is currently in the accumulation stage or mall supplier threshold is relatively low, as long as it is Industrial and Commercial Bureau accepted brands can apply for entry formalities, yet also run Never mind." Introduce a brand to billion state power network.

industry insiders believe that Jingdong pop platform to give businesses a greater possibility to enhance brand image and commodity prices. Some sellers believe that Jingdong platform due to not too constrained by low price competition, the long term can make the development of the network brand has a better development, but also to meet the needs of consumers.

although currently in the Taobao platform and Jingdong are operating, but in the Jingdong POP platform pricing and customer price will be relatively high." Businesses said that due to the low price strategy Taobao platform, it is difficult to improve the price of goods and customer prices from low to high, the brand building and marketing to enhance the difficulty of several times higher than the Jingdong POP platform.

it is reported that the price of a man’s seller of all goods in the mall Jingdong mall 10 yuan higher than Tmall. At the same time, an insider pointed out that excessive price competition is caused by the Taobao platform appears important reason for product quality problems and smuggled goods.

test the water Jingdong POP platform

many businesses have started last year in the mall trying to operate Jingdong, conducted a year to test the water. Jingdong mall current threshold is relatively low, Jingdong mall margin is also lower than Tmall mall, which is also a very attractive factor for the majority of the waist businesses.

it is reported that in the early test of the water, some businesses did not invest in human resources on the Jingdong platform

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