Mobile phone card payment momentum strong experience

[Ming century] the development of mobile Internet, known as the two revolution of the Internet, the growth rate is also very alarming. Its smart phone terminal in June last year, beyond the PC to become the country’s largest network portal terminal, the use of long and mobile e-commerce transactions are approaching the size of the Internet, which has become a trend.

with the development of mobile Internet, mobile payment has become one of the most important link in the mobile Internet, Internet companies has become a hotly contested spot. Who can occupy a place in the field of mobile payments, who will have a broader space for the future development of the mobile internet. In the current situation, the degree of mobile payment has been overshadowed by the presence of other forms of payment.

this year, a variety of mobile Internet Conference held in varying degrees to promote the development of the mobile internet. Compared with the past, the 16 listed banks this reaction is relatively rapid, all launched a mobile banking services, you can use the phone to pay. It is understood that the number of mobile phone banking Construction Bank has nearly 100 million, China bank mobile phone banking customers reached 3 million households, the growth rate of more than 50%, a good momentum of development. This is inseparable from the advantages of mobile payment. Through mobile payment: NFC credit card mobile payment advantages and disadvantages, the article further understanding of mobile payment.

because of the third party payment companies pressure, forcing banks to the traditional mobile phone bank restructuring, is no longer the balance inquiries, transfer payment application that simple, application client is trying to construction can be mobile phone shopping. Some banks have opened the official mall, through the form of APP to convey information to consumers, the phone can be completed through the entire shopping process, which is a huge change in mobile e-commerce.

can be said that mobile payment began to fly into the homes of ordinary people, to bring people a more convenient life. Just like the Ming NFC credit card in addition to mobile phones can be transferred, repayment and other financial services, you can also pay water, electricity, gas, telephone bills, air tickets, hotel reservations and other living services. This is the real people, Huimin project.

mobile phone to pay for the rapid development and expansion, but also encountered some problems. According to relevant data show that in the event of the conversion rate of no more than 30%, the average conversion rate of only 10% left. Transaction conversion rate is so low, enough to explain the user stickiness is very low, mobile payment experience also needs to be improved, businesses should make more changes in these areas.

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