Ho live a hold live people’s electricity supplier

recently, a "Ho" (www.hozhu.com) business website online, in the group of women with Xinghuoliaoyuan trend of fire up. With jumei.com, vip.com rely on product category to create a "she", "they" lived in Ho in popularity is on the shopping mode.



when you first entered the ho live, you can immediately feel the site in the electricity supplier industry is a wonderful". Live in Ho, all goods from the United States and the United States, the price began to fall down, down to the price you want to buy, click on the "Ho live" button, then you can buy the price of the current Ho live. This shopping model, the challenge is people’s shopping impulse.



gameplay introduced

as a user, you can not help but twist, afraid to buy expensive shot too early, too late for fear of being shot other people can only wait for the goods The early bird catches, so the next time there, but can not ensure that the next time will be earlier shot. This urgent shopping situation, many people will take the lead in action, "Ho live" price, would prefer a little concession on the price is not willing to miss the opportunity. This mode allows users to purchase decision time is greatly shortened, and the right than women. Compared to men, women’s desire to purchase and price sensitivity is higher, more likely to have impulsive consumption.


in fact, this model is not very friendly from the shopping experience, the user does not have enough time to consider and choose goods. However, this model still conquered a group of loyal "Ho powder". Because users shopping on this site to obtain the real price concessions, they benefit. Thus, they continue on the website "Ho live" price; so, in the face of the concessions they have a superb collection of beautiful things, "cannot hold" shopping; thus, Ho platform is tightly hold for a group of users.

Ho live such a platform, the biggest creative point is to grasp the user’s psychology, the user is everything, the Internet world, I believe there will be some big.

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