This is the social marketing 7 million 450 thousand users in Tencent certified space booking red ric


/ Zhang Lake

yesterday evening, but "Red Rice Starter certification space" incident has finally come to an end, QQ space product team with a Zhang Weibo diagram (micro-blog: describes the huge energy certification space in the social marketing, but also severely slapped you Internet analysts and commentators, the prophets of a slap in the face forecast and Analysis on you, and the actual situation is completely inconsistent


in the media almost all the "red rice mobile phone" in the article, everyone agrees that red rice is the value of the amount of user authentication space valued strong, certified space user base across the three or four line of the city, that is millet grass root machine…… This view is summarized as the following three points:

mobile phone 1, red rice is a grass root machine, Tencent certified space users are young users: "red rice why do marketing on QQ space, QQ space group of young face is the three or four line of the city, technically called the two media, a point that is xuanhu geshandaniu". See "red: pure grass root grass root on the machine?";

2 certified space around the three or four line City fans: "QQ space in the three or four line of the city has greater permeability, which is favorable for the sale of" red rice, red rice millet brand will see "bring three challenges";

is the same as the micro board also believes that the marketing strategy is to find the empty space with QQ mobile phone millet released red rice accuracy: "in the three line city, many people do not use Sina micro-blog, but most are for QQ space", see "red rice millet: Strategic farewell to Apple Samsung"

3, red rice is not competitive in the three or four line of the city, do not recognize the red rice in the non parents crowd recognition: "red rice sales is not too bad, but also not how dazzling achievements, especially the" parents "users." See "799 of the red rice phone will hurt who, and to whom?"

finished the analysis and prediction of everybody, look at the QQ space on the answer:

involved in the activities of users covering all age classes, 20-35 years of age as the main force, as well as 1~6 years old, parents are ready for the baby QQ." The data directly denied the first and third points, red rice mobile phone consumer groups is not only the students and young people, there are a lot of mature male and young parents! Surprised? Don’t be surprised, because you know the Tencent certification space remain in 5 years ago, early space users now have to marry the baby. The

brothers, wipe the eye!The distribution of

users is relatively concentrated in the "appointment first-tier cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing first, followed by the." The data denied the first, the second point of view, the user is not in the certification space of the city of the three or four line, in the north, on the broad, deep of the four >

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