Network promotion must see how to make your post is recommended to the home page

I’ve been sent on behalf of some articles, purely for fun. Although it is for fun, but I also have a little vanity, see other people’s articles on the home page, is very envious of others. And although I also have an article on the home page, obviously did not meet my requirements, I think, ah, how can I make my article is more recommended to the home page?

I think, in order to make their articles are recommended to the home page, there are two factors.

1, the forum likes to recommend the home page which articles are recommended to the home page

2, has been recommended to the home page of the subject matter should also be excellent. How to write excellent

a, the forum home page like to recommend what articles?

1, we need to observe the article is recommended to the home page, which we can all be observed, or take a generation to speak of it. It’s home to a total of ten booths, eleven booths to this forum, including business, recruitment, these plates inside. That is to say, each section should be at least an article show.

after today’s observation found that there are three display position, showing today’s hot spots. (see below) there are two booths are in line with the theme of this forum, the introduction of electricity supplier operating skills articles. So, we should focus on these two above. One is the current hot spots, one is fit the theme of a forum article above.


2, we know that these articles are recommended to the home page, that is how they from numerous articles when selected, then we need to put these articles and other articles are put together to make a comparison. For example, take the marketing of the article, why some are recommended to the home page, and some do not, to find out the difference between them.

after my analysis found. Maybe you’ll have a different point of view. Everyone has a lot of attention. Will be recommended to the home page. The operation of these technologies is particularly small, such as the success of the case summed up in the case of WeChat marketing was recommended to the home page on the probability of relatively small, although very good writing. But from the beginning of 0 to learn WeChat marketing title is recommended to the home page on the probability of large. So we must focus on the point of view, we are concerned about the issue. How can we find everyone is concerned about the problem? I do not want to start here, if you are interested, you can add me WeChat: zhiyimeng and I communicate.

two, we found the selection of categories, and from which point of view to explain the problem. Then how can we put this article written? We can’t imagine, we should also have on this basis is recommended to look at the content of home is how to write a little, a very important, is that they are valuable, or for a novice can really learn some things, or give us some inspiration. Or your own reality

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