This is very yellow startups do a lot of things do not fly as much as 25 billion valuation

Abstract: informed sources, Snap is preparing IPO paperwork, possibly as early as the end of March next year IPO. What are the characteristics of Snap’s business model, how to understand its $25 billion IPO valuation than the previous round of financing $17 billion 800 million valuation rose too much.

for Snap (formerly known as Snapchat), many people hear the valuation of $25 billion, the first reaction may be: why is it worth so much money?

to tell you the truth, this is my first reaction. Because in the past Snapchat was only a "burn after reading" social image sharing application, although there are 150 million active users, but such a high valuation is still staggering.

$25 billion valuation is probably what concept? Let’s take a look at this picture.

is relatively large in recent years, several IPO valuation comparison, you can see, Snap is the highest valuation of listed companies since the beginning of Alibaba. As a contrast, currently has more than 1 billion users of Whatsapp, Facebook was acquired in 2014 when the price is $19 billion.


in addition to its own financial position and prospects for development, the valuation of start-up companies to a large extent rely on storytelling". From the previous round of $18 billion valuation, the valuation of the current 25 billion, in fact, from the story of the story of Snap foreign change.

here is the Snap official website of the company introduction page, you can see, Snap represents the past iconic young and vibrant bright yellow color theme has not changed, "no little ghost" Logo, is next to become adds a camera icon, with "Snap Inc. is a camera company" (Snap is a camera company).


we can intuitively understand that Snap is now doing more than just short video social.

specifically, Snap is now integrated into the new VR / AR concept. At the end of the month, Snap released a special Sunglasses products, this is called "Spectacle" on the left and right frame sunglasses with a camera, by pressing the button near the camera is located on the left side, the short video can record 30 seconds, and then through the WiFi or Bluetooth transmission to mobile devices.

many people will think of the first reaction Google Glass, indeed, these two products have many similar places, but the essence is different. Google Glass is full of Engineering >

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