The majority of inventory committed by WeChat marketing five sins

WeChat fiery to a certain extent, led to the change of marketing methods, from micro-blog to WeChat, the transformation of the media to promote itself also has more meaning. Compared to the pure micro-blog using information flow is different, WeChat based friends is clearly more to the operator itself and brand building and repeat purchase rate. Obviously, it is also for this reason, we have the marketing forces hoarding in WeChat, I want to ask for the moon.

but does not necessarily bring business hot products for everyone, WeChat’s success represents only a good platform for development to a certain extent, as can the operational success of their products, so the latter depends on its own strength. Just think, we do around the WeChat marketing how many people, how many companies, studios, but in the end there are a few people make money? From a certain perspective, everyone on the WeChat too blindly follow the attitude of hidden problems, and these problems are apparently operating misunderstanding we did not see, and we have arch-criminal open WeChat marketing.

gimmick single innovation

, WeChat and micro-blog are two completely different products, we love WeChat is not entirely because it is the leading social products, but because it reflects the interaction and open frequency are further impetus for marketing. But in the face of these, many marketers did not really take advantage of. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, WeChat marketing is still a kind of media to promote the use of information flow spread. But if you do this, you will find that everything is not as good as expected. Because the circle of friends is a circle of friends as the link of the ecosystem, it is not based on the existence of commodity trading, but the exchange of information. In such an environment, the simple and brutal promotion of products, not only the conversion rate is low and it is easy to be pulled black, so the form of marketing must have a qualitative change. Nervous cat, beauty products such as why can find their own marketing at WeChat in the breaking point, in the final analysis on WeChat properties, spotted point users rely on WeChat, with a product readme form, share with a user in the form of indirect let friends know that this product is not promotion the rude and

is more effective?

marketing is too blind, no approved key user

in the face of their circle of friends a lot of friends, we do not know what. Before I participated in a WeChat training, the other side tells how to make use of WeChat beauty marketing. During the talk about a problem, that we do in the circle of friends WeChat marketing, for the user is how approved. Some participants said that according to the user’s attributes and then decide what kind of promotion. The teacher said that this idea is very good, WeChat marketing value is in a circle with the trend of user attributes, because only understand these, the next step will be more focused on marketing and sales. Do you like cosmetics, according to the theme of people must be the young women, so in marketing, people skills are to pay special attention to user attributes. Make marketing precise,

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