Understand the weakness of human network marketing transactions you have to know the secret

any marketing is required for the transaction service, no transaction is the failure of marketing marketing. However, in most cases we can not deal, the customer is not willing to let us clinch a deal. Friends and guardian yuan Kun, in fact, will receive a parallel questions for you: what problems encountered, the guardian, Kunming can solve the problem of what, the guardian yuan Kunming to can not solve your problem,


for marketing, we are not selling products, all transactions are related to the people, all marketing can not be separated from people. The reason for the transaction is because people have needs, weaknesses. Many marketers have to study human nature, understand the weakness of human nature, because we can know the people who understand human nature, in order to solve the pain of heart, this article is about the marketing deal you have to know. I believe that after reading this article you will have unexpected harvest.


on Saturday, the yuan set in this life to share the weakness of human nature, mainly about the pride (pride), peep (gossip), greed (right), lust, vanity, laziness and fear (name). I believe these human weaknesses to provide a very good participation, but for marketing, to understand these weaknesses is only the first step in human nature, to achieve the goal is to achieve through human nature. The marketing transaction will have to look at the common human strategy.

human marketing strategy one: the cause of the problem, the solution to the problem.

everyone has their own pain, it is certainly a problem before they hope to get help from others. Guardian of Yuan Kun has been doing: what’s your problem, your problem with me, according to your problem we analyze why will encounter this problem, what is the reason for encounter this problem; the guardian can solve the problem of what Yuan Kun Yuan Kun, the guardian of what is, what problems could be solved; guardian of Yuan Kun can not solve your problem, your problem can be solved, what is the solution, there are no friends encounter the same problem has been solved.

human marketing strategy two: any problem should be digitized.

quantization is a good way to solve the problem, because everyone likes to look at the numbers. Want an accurate answer, for example, someone fat, want to lose weight. But he rarely think of what to lose weight, he will think: I can not be reduced to 150 pounds from the 200 pounds, how long can be reduced to this extent. For everyone, the number is more intuitive expression. However, most of the time we can not quantify, can not be used to solve the exact figures, after all, this is not controllable. And the factors that affect the results are more, so more often we are just an estimate. For example, for the site SEO, we all know that the situation is small competition we may be three months to six months, the situation may be half a year, a year or even longer competition.

human marketing strategy three: the role of the exchange model, rational to emotional.

role exchange mode >

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