Basic knowledge dozens of tips for making your home page

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1, let the reader have reason to stay. To make the page interesting, fascinating. But the first thing is to make it useful. A very simple way of doing this is to provide mutual participation — let the reader do some things, such as register for access to regularly send communications, and in some way to repay their participation, such as weekly lottery or give something the opportunity to download.

2, for the visitor is the most valuable site is who can immediately make people understand what information can be obtained, and how to get, how to let readers may have to correct his own thought to have the wrong place or with his own content.

3, sign your name and show the honor – but don’t get a long signature here. A little self promotion may be pertinent, especially if you want to make your web page personal, but it can cause embarrassment and obstruction of substance. All you have to do is connect to the page about the author, which is also the right place for waivers, copyright notices and similar instructions.

4, do not include some of the general Web reference information and everyone is no longer a hot connection. Connecting to Alta Vista and Yahoo may be enough, otherwise your external connection should be of special significance and the reader has not met.

5, if there is a positive feedback to make comments or opinions of the readers in the form, can be considered to include it within the home — maybe somewhere in the beginning, or as a connection to the honor page. If done properly, you can encourage new visitors and make them feel at ease. On the contrary, if done right, it will be considered boasting, and the true content of it is in the secondary position.

6, forget most of the habits that you have learned to write on paper. Facing the text, the paper writing task is based on elaborate narrative, in providing knowledge, feelings of pleasure or persuade others to process can keep the reader’s interest; but the main part of the text is not the most Web page – even if the words on the page than other elements, it is often. Part (image, hypermedia connections) considered more important than simple text.

7, the structure is essential. A web page may appear to be two-dimensional, but it should not be understood. The original structure of the printed page is no longer in the Web; the writer has to focus on the structure of the document in a visible manner, because it may have a more subtle communication function.

8, Web reader does not read every word, they read more similar to fast reading rather than read old tree type that file line by line. Reading through the computer screen is not a particularly comfortable thing, so readers want to get the results as soon as possible.

9, the Web page in the creation of the reader is actually a partner. In addition to note G

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