Example analysis two small features bring new marketing


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WeChat as a social tool, which has a lot of small features, in fact, the use of these small features, you can do a very good marketing.

grabbed the man near

WeChat knows that

played, WeChat has a nearby function, confirm your position, then you can see the nearby WeChat playing friends, the implication is that if you hold the mobile phone to go in a different location, near the people will change, is an effective method to lock the user.

add near human friends, become friends, there are two kinds of publicity can be selected: first. First, the accumulation of users, long-term plan; second. Immediately send advertising, using a WeChat mass assistant, sending multiple ads at a time. The author believes that this function can be made into a very good marketing tool, especially for food and entertainment companies.

the use of nearby people for the product or brand marketing, only need to pay traffic, no need to spend too much money, can product advertising and other information sent to the user’s mobile phone, and the information acceptance rate is 100%. Or there are companies who said that the name of the enterprise to do WeChat, can not attract users to add friends. In fact, you can use personal users, the initiative to add nearby friends, such a high pass through the case, withstand the test.

I think, in supermarkets or near the store inside the catering enterprises, in time to eat, arrange several employees, holding a mobile phone to the store and walk around in a circle, through the WeChat people in the vicinity of the function, say hello, add friends, then the restaurant regards (such as "time to eat it is important Oh") specials and promotions and other information pushed to near the restaurant and the restaurant to attract consumption in the vicinity of the people.

this approach is better than directly distribute leaflets, not only can save cost, can also receive information using WeChat’s timeliness, convenience and fast transmission of information, the user is not like leaflets, instinctively refused, and the way to promote the relatively new, WeChat users will hold the curiosity to.

let brand drift

said drift bottles, a lot of people are not unfamiliar, are thinking of QQ drift bottle, QQ drift bottle effect so good, WeChat drift bottle effect will be how to imagine, the key is the method.


bottles simple gameplay introduced: "throw a", the user can choose to publish voice or text and then into the sea, if there are other users can "get" to "pick up a dialogue;", is the "bottle fishing in the sea of countless users put the" fishing "to you can also expand dialogue with each other, but each user only 20 times a day to pick up the bottle.

small drift bottles, if companies are good at using, but also bring good results. Here are two very successful cases.


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