Music as a result of exposure to a star nvestor Chen Kun voted B round of financing


DoNews April 6th news (reporter to dense) although the official has not been announced the exact news, but the details of the music as sports B round of financing and investor information is constantly exposed. Today morning, LETV sports founder and CEO Lei Zhenjian in personal circle of friends revealed that one of the film star Chen Kun is the music as sports B round investors.

Lei Zhenjian wrote in the circle of friends: I would like to go to Chongqing, congratulations Kun Er, the movie box office is only 1 billion, I will not go to the cinema again this year. By the way, Chen Kun is also the music as the sport of the B round of investors, the strength of the future, music, together with sports." The circle of friends is also equipped with a starring Chen Kun, is being released, "hot pot hero" poster.

according to earlier media reports, in music as sports B round of investment institutions and investors including HNA capital more than 30. In addition to Hainan capital, Honglei Sun, Jia Nailiang, Liu Tao and other stars as individual investors to participate in the sports LETV B round of financing.

at the end of March, LETV holdings founder, chairman and CEO Jia Yueting in the 2016 China IT leaders summit had revealed that the music as sports has just completed a B round of financing, the amount of 8 billion yuan, about 21 billion yuan valuation. And in a year ago, when the music as the sport completed 800 million yuan of financing, the valuation is only $2 billion 800 million.

in music as sports valuation quickly jump up at the same time, rising losses in music as sports. Earnings data show that music as sports in 2014 revenues of only 107 million yuan, gross loss of 139 million yuan; as of November 30, 2015, LETV sports revenue reached 291 million yuan, gross loss of 384 million yuan, net loss reached 569 million yuan.

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