Spirit fruit culture was 8 million yuan Angel round of investment in the main chicken soup

July 25th, Hangzhou cultural and creative spirit Fruit Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "spiritual fruit culture") to get 8 million yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is Yi sail capital.

Ling fruit culture is a female brand management company, is committed to the industrial chain of chicken soup content, service women’s emotions and needs of life. Its brands include: micro-blog V, China emotional writer Lu Qi; emotional talk show "Lu Qilai"; the original crystal jewelry brand "psychic cat" and LUUK Couture brand. Founder Lu Qi is a best-selling author, who served as screenwriter, host, producer, a large number of fans in the women’s market resources.

Ling fruit culture wholly owned film companies have developed a "spiritual fruit film and television advertising," meow "Lu Qi" in the small meat take video variety, is currently the project project and a number of film and television variety show, "lurking in the office" by the Shanghai new culture adapted for television, network drama by Youku homemade drama the development team spirit, the fruit culture has the exclusive movie development of copyright.

founder Lu Qi interview when he said that he on the spiritual fruit culture content positioning is the woman aphrodisiac and drugs. The network of "Lu Qi" chicken soup content mixed, he explained, "so fast rhythm society, we need to relieve a lot of pressure, chicken soup".

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