On the promotion of network products

promotion is equivalent to advertising in the entire network to do online products, the main source of customers is still in the search engine and Taobao, Taobao’s trading volume is very large.

We are in the

store in Shenzhen to do the telescope (astronomical telescope, birding telescope, binocular telescope and so on) is mentioned how to do some ideas related to the promotion, but also their own, hope that we can give points to


send advertising posts, and ultimately want to be included, so that some of the keywords, can be ranked in Baidu’s home page. Because few people will go to the forum dedicated to the advertising area see ads! (included in the rankings, forum posting, keywords ranking is better, with the help of other website promotional products, not the pursuit of high flow, but a volume, so their mall website ranking, it does not matter! As long as to do keywords, we have some information before Baidu can. Advertising posts, every day to insist on some hair on it, the individual has never agreed that the amount is very large to send.

There is a

, called soft. This requires a high level, these posts are issued in the high flow of the plate, the amount of reading is amazing, but it is difficult to write, so that the administrator has no reason to delete posts. The post of this state can not squeeze out. An easy to delete).

blog, there is no use? In fact, you can do a blog guide. But I telescope these things is not very well, it is good to write what good article to share out, only with the help of other articles, change, and add some of their


hair article can not be copied verbatim, it is useless. Let the search engine think your hair is something new, that is conducive to included! For Sina blog that, the weight of itself is very good, the key is to raise! Have to write something new to every day, one day a frequency is enough! Updated daily blog, weight up, natural included in the article ranking will be better! Links to do their own independent shop, single independent store. So for their own mall, will help! And in Baidu know, ask the answer, the corresponding questions, you can write blog link, so that through the relatively easy, the quiz website, the website for the private independent control is very strict, generally do not give by


city trading sites: for 58, the city fair trading site, there are still some of the traffic. Many people like to buy things to choose the city store, even online shopping, but also like, a relatively fast, one, after sale convenience. There are problems directly to the store on the line. So this city, but also try to do every day. There are 58 city, in Baidu’s ranking is very good.

astronomy Forum: this I am less involved, afraid of a post, to delete. Want to be a master of astronomy, where to mix a familiar face, but not good at astronomy. Did not do, only to see.

with B2B: this aspect I >

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