Chat with 90 why he did not graduate to get 58 investment

lead: listen to the real 90 entrepreneurs is how to evaluate the domestic business environment, as well as Wang Xiaochuan, Li Mingyuan and Yao Jinbo gave him what business advice.


"faction of 90 entrepreneurs" series of articles about dry cargo (two)

entrepreneurship has always been a controversial topic, because the first feeling as never stepped out of the school, not from the society out of college students give people is that this thing is not reliable, too young, most probably it did not actually happen. But in the United States, entrepreneurship is not is not a reliable thing, we all think is normal, like Bill Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg are not University Graduate Entrepreneurship model, of course, with the United States from the good social practice education have a great relationship, so the practice of college students is much higher than the level of domestic they, in university can be regarded as a mature entrepreneurs, and Chinese students at least three years after graduation, can be a relatively qualified entrepreneurs.

at home, we usually say college students entrepreneurship is not reliable, it actually refers to those who did not Graduate Entrepreneurship, college students work experience or just graduated, because they were staying in school, no contact with the society, I do not know the well-being of the world, do not understand the market, financial management, and other basic or traditional code of conduct entrepreneurial elements, difficulties to retreat, difficult to adhere to, so in the end is likely to fail. If you have a wealth of practical experience before the university or college, then I do not think that entrepreneurship is a tricky thing for you, but it will be a new starting point for your life.

so you will understand why some university students have not graduated and got venture, worth tens of millions, or even billions, such as gift to say Wen Chenghui, he le Zhao Penglai, their social experience are relatively rich and mature, he had a big one to start a business, or take in a large company internship training, to the third and fourth project to get financing. Some people say they just luck and coincidence, but is really an accident? Not exactly, Wencheng Fai high school began publishing magazines to earn money, earn college Postcard life second gold 1 million yuan, pay the 1 million behind the hardships and gain experience is difficult to imagine; Zhao Penglai. Through the two college entrance examination, if after a time, and should be Ma and Yu Minhong is also a big address each other as brothers, he began to do poineering work, second off directly to Baidu practice, 4 get strategic investment 58 city, so have such rich experience in big 4 is not to get venture unexpectedly, more non accidental.

for a second to get Baidu Offer, 4 to 58 city strategic investment legend, believe that entrepreneurs entrepreneurship behind of his story is quite interested, so in the spirit of sharing, on Thursday night with my friends about at the South China University of Technology in front of a small restaurant eating a snack and drink beer and chatted for nearly two hours, of course, is to point out the following press dry cargo. "

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